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So, before anyone chimes in to say that I'm in a state of desync, please know that this is not a desync issue.  I'm live, I'm able to interact with everything in the world, and everything saves itself EXCEPT FOR THESE THREE TREES that seem to infinitely respawn.  I've included coordinates for each of these three trees in question here, as well as screenshots.

So, some background: I'm currently attempting to pave the entire planet over multiple times to turn your beautiful world into basically coruscant, with multiple layers, that instead of feeling overground feel subterranean in nature.  Side Request: I need light sources that I can just pay energy to power, so that I can string up street lights, etc.  Also, if you let me use the trains as a subway system around my planet that would be cool.

Back to the bug reporting part:

Three trees at the following coordinates seem to respawn indefinitely in my world, their locations are as follows:

X=-22614, Y=192298, Z=-802

X=-21854, Y=194983, Z=-1061

X=-13704, Y=209538, Z=-802

Screenshot of me standing at first tree w/ in-game coordinates up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f9w75xczpox3t0g/first_tree.png?dl=0

Screenshot of me standing at second tree w/ in-game coordinates up:


Screenshot of me standing at third tree w/ in-game coordinates up:


Screenshot of me standing looking at all three trees w/ in-game coordinates up:


Screenshot w/ map open same location as above picture:


Some notes:  I don't have to be desynced (no ! popping up or anything like that).  I'm not editing my save file, I'm not having an issue where I am usign the auto save.  I can cut these three trees down, get resources for them, turn around, walk away, go to a place where this area no longer renders, and come back - et voila, trees have respawned.  I've not taken the time to figure out exactly how far I have to go or whatnot, but it doesn't seem like it's that far.  Going to the other side of crater lake 100% will do it, but I've definitely seen it happen without going that far, say over to the abyssal waterfall sw corner also should work.
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Turns out there are even more trees that definitely respawn, all near the abyss holes in in the fields mid-south area.  screenshot of said trees, after they regrew same session (confirmed multiple attempts)

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I'm having the same issue with a certain tree near my base that keeps respawning every time I get back in my game.
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I've been spending time collecting data on all of the trees that respawn at least on the lower half of the map, where I've deforested nearly completely at this part.  I will probably make a mega-thread of them on reddit including screenshots and a copy of my save file for folks to investigate with.
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