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My friend civilwaryank and I were playing a session. He was out exploring on his tractor when the game crashed. Now every time he tries to rejoin that session the game crashes the engine. Tested a different save I have and he was able to join just not the on where his person is still in the tractor.

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As said in the crash report you should see, the crash is caused by the UI.

You can "fix" it by destroying the vehicle, with the xenozapper for instance. Yeah, it may take a hundred shots, but after that, my friend was able to join normally (but he respawned under the map.... Just a detail).
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The initial answer was a successful way of fixing this crash bug i encountered myself.

A better way to accomplish this was to destroy the tractor, save and reload the game from main menu. I was then able to rejoin in midair but with everything in my inventory. This crash had caused my game to crash to desktop and to main menu many times.
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If you have a save file editor, you can solve the problem.

You need to find the player instance (FactoryGame > Character > Player > Char-Player.Char_Player_C) and it will have a property called:


You need to delete that property, save the file and then load that back in. It will buck your friend right out of the vehicle in place.

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