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Exemple: you have 800 iron ore and want convert all into iron ingot on craft bench. After 100 iron ingot crafted(for exemple) you craft 5%(for exemple) faster
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you can put a limit, like, like max 10% faster, its need only a balancing.
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I argee with KaQ, this is a game about automation. If you want to be efficient, you don't need quicker hand-crafting, you need smarter machine crafting.
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That's the purpose of the game - if you find yourself needing to make 100 something all the time, make 5 constructors/assemblers/factories et al and just automate it.  Set it up, go do something else, come back in what seems like 5 minutes (usually an hour) and you'll have plenty of whatever resource you need.
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While the others disagree, I kinda agree, some sort of experience levels, eh?
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Funny. After seeing some people play the game and spending all their time manually crafting I would be more likely to suggest the exact opposite and say that manual crafting should slow down over time to encourage you to actually use the machines. One of the first things I did was create an area with constructors linked to storage boxes so, if I ever needed 100 of anythingI just add the raw materials to the boxes and go do something else for a bit. Seems really backwards to me to want to do more manual crafting. If that's what you enjoy doing in the game though, I guess that's up to you. I think I'd prefer it if this kind of "rebalance" was done as a mod rather than in the base game though.

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This game is about "Automation & Exploration" .

The Game is already easy in this point. Automation is not really needed until Tear 6.

It should be the other Way around. As longer you craft, it should need more Time. So you have a higher Motivation to automating your production.
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That makes about as much logical sense as me using cheat engine to edit unit counts. Which is easy enough, just do that if you really need high volumes and don't want to put in the time.
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