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this game is good to build more super difficult to explore. the creatures follow you when the terrain allows because they do not jump. and had a firefly that sealed me to my base and killed me. so one advice is not to explore much until you have the "sword".

I recommend creating an armor that will increase life even if it is destroyed. and who uses the shell you gain by defeating the first monsters because it makes sense.

or at least that they are more territorial and less persecuting.
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No, Experimental is not sandbox. Experimental has absolutely nothing to do with trying out all of the new content and structure at your own disposal, it's about playing the game as one would normally play the game in order to find bugs that one would normally encounter. And for your post which doesn't seem to have much to do with your title, I'd recommend that you keep a zippy zappy on you.
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The patch notes recommend making a backup of your save game file before using it as it uses the exact same save directory as your live copy.
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Man that game is sooo f*** easy  i wish for harder mods.
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