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When i trying to host any game at any piece of map, i'm shown in friends menu as just exploring, and not shown, like playing in game.https://imgur.com/a/4imyZEu

if other ppl hosting-they have satisafctory icon, and i can easily join.

reinstalled client, epic laucher, even windows. tried on 3 PC's

hamachi, even tunngle

windows 7x64, win 10 x64

no antivirus, got "white ip", firewall off, tried all NAT settings.

tried in experimental and usual. Enabled DMZ on router

ofc i used administrator rights.

tried with 2 accounts with game on em

and every time i host, ppl got message "invite sender is not in game anymore".

but every time it seems in launcher, that i am in game with icon

so i cant play multiplayer.

what i missed? how can i made satisfactory client visible in satis menu?

btw i even tested with 2 pc's in 1 room in 1 network

p.s host nat- moderate, sometimes was tbd-no changes

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What is your "network quality" set to? (try ultra, it's under game options)
And what Internet connection do you have?
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Try Hamachi, it can connect peeps on the same ip address and hopefully make you connect easier
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problem, that only my computer showed as not in game( i have no satisfactory icon in game)(in launcher all good).
I tried with hamachi already, creating vpn in my room
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from low to ulta, and host nat is moderate usually.
i got 100 mb connection, as my friend

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Check your session settings in menu while in game, you need to switch it from private to "friends only"
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i tested all variations, it is friends onlu usual. btw you can host as private, just sending invites. for client look like that

for private, or friends
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