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In addition to the 'take all' and 'deposit all' buttons on containers, I think a third button to quick stack would be useful.

This would detect all of your items in your inventory that already exist in the container, and places them in there.

For example, I have a fuel box, containing leaves, wood, biomass, and biofuel.  It would be handy to move all of these in my inventory into the box in a single click.

It would be very handy for people that makes boxes containing a category of items, like foods.

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Deposit all does that if the target container's lots are occupied. It only moves the items it can.
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That isn't what I mean.  Say your have wood and leaves in the container as well as empty spaces.   The player inventor has wood, iron, leaves, nuts and concrete.  This button would move ONLY the leaves and wood.   The nuts, iron, and concrete stay with the player since they aren't in the chest to begin with.

Check out how this sort of logic works in Terraria.
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Two workarounds you could use:
1.  Split all the stacks in the container so that there are no empty spaces then "store all" works as stated above.
2.  Use the Control-Drag functionality provided by the devs to move lots of stacks of one item.
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