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A proposal to make beds in the M.A.M.'s room for sleep, for example, restore 1 health point per minute.

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I'd, personally, just prefer to have the HUB to have a healing station; if you're "home", you should be safe, and waiting around for the HP to slowly doesn't sound like a fun gameplay mechanic.

And in case someone brings this up: sure it could be abused - deconstruct the HUB and take it with you on the go... so what? You might as well build a sky pathway across all the dangerous lands if you so chose; but that's not really the point of the game, and if someone wants to cheese it, I say let them.

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There is beds in there but im sure its only cosmetic. at a certain tec there is healing inhalers which i believe heal you to full health, before that you got berrys and nuts to use {and some weird ass mushroom}. I do find the health thing anoying but at the same time it dose stop me going all superman with everything {also does create suspence when dealing with a sudden creature}. im not sure the solution but maybe a station that requires refilling like with fuel stations could work.
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