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While not a critical feature whatsoever, will we be able to customize our characters at some point in the future? Or does FICSIT Inc. have extremely strict rules on who they hire and what whey are able to wear? ;)
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I mean looking at it from a business standpoint it would make sense to have a uniform of sorts for the actual employees. Its a liability if employees  wear whatever they want. You are right though. It would be nice if we got the same uniforms but with different flavors of accents and such. trying to tell the difference between multiplayers would be nice if everyone had the same exact character model. I am guessing that it will be much later down the line in the road map if at all. It would be cool too to see if there was different character models. Like one that is a little bulkier but slower and took less damage. Another one that was slim and faster just took more damage. and the starting character that we currently have.

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I would trade all that for a 3dr person view.
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