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Hi all,

after watching some streams on twitch and on YT playling this game I bought it. I´m running a standard PC (Core I3) with a Nvidia Geforce 1050 TI graphics card on a good 1920x1200 Eizo Monitor in Fullscreen and MAXED OUT settings in the game. Problem is my graphics look very poor compared to the Full HD Streams I see on YT for example. The nearer objects are fine, but as soon as you walk - for example - over a large foundation area the lines of those foundations in the distance become very blurry, shivering and look poor -- like it´s rendered without any antialiasing at all ....

Anybody else have this problem?

Here a screenshot taken with Photo mode:

Screenshot Satisfactory

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I don't think it looks poor. Hands, basher and foundations looks good for me

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Of course this is the problem with anti-aliasing. I have the same problem. I play on ultra settings in the i5 8600k + gtx 1080 configuration
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Actually to me it looks more like a problem with the render range, the high detail stuff is popping into view to late, ie, the high detail only applies at a close range from character, so in effect only stuff up close to character will be as sharp an image as possible, if the render range was extended for this detail level you would find alot of people with lag, but I think it should be an option we can adjust more.

Alot of the cards now days can handle such loads, it should be up to the consumer what level they push there PC too.

AA should not really be an issue, FarCry shows how to use AA properly and how to code for it nicely, its a feature we dont want to loose or shorten the render distance of any further.

Satisfactory can get pretty complex with factories, I suspect they have it set like this until they can get to Beta and optimize all the models better and there order of sequence loading.

My rig I built in 2015,
i7 8 core @ 3ghtz
16g RAM @ 3000mhtz
SSD drives
1200W antec power
X99 mobo
1200W antec power
GTX980 video

This system runs Satisfactory really nice, its a 2015 rig remember, top of the line in 2015 but still 2015 is a long time ago now, the games performance is actually really really outstanding for an indie EA game, of which Ive tested alot of as a closed tester, this games performance is up there with the best AAA games for its stage of development.
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