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The background lore will be FICSIT is having multiple identical planets as a social experiment or something, because the map is identical, but eh.

Using the space elevator to communicate and/or trade things with friends in their own server will be great!

Also it can act as a hub for "travelling" between servers, so it's more immersive
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How about instead have them give monthly or weekly global goals for everyone to attribute to.
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Another possibility. Nice. What about the rewards though?

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NO! no! no no no ! no!! nono

we do not want an online material market! it will ruin the game!

trust me, I've seen a whole lot of these. rarely where you see a good balanced market (maybe path of exile got it ok, still broken)

Travelling between servers might be nice, but do not transfer materials to other servers. maybe have NPC shops instead.
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No? I'm talking between friends I'm playing? It's not technically a market, I just see it as an expansion of the current world, so we can have multiple maps, each producing their own resources?

Not exactly online to the thousands of players out there.
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I agree with no to material market. Hyperinflation waits in it. Plus all you gather and craft belongs to Ficsit company so you cannot trade.

Traveling worlds to help your friend can be nice.
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Agreed, to eliminate going back to menu and in again
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