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HeyGuys .. where is the sence to do more lategame content when game is litelary unplayeble in late game ? ... so i understand that its early excess .. but from thiis point i cant play ... look at the shitty frames .. all feels like i stick in butter ..

my frames are low while my CPU / GPU / ram is chilling at like 40-60% .. my 1080 isnt going into overclock .. just watch this and feel the pain for every FPS gamer ...

PS: the game is awsome, dont ruin it, because everybody who get into lategame gets cancer :(


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Not optimized currently. This didn't need to be a post, you could've read the roadmap, Discord, searched on here, searched on Reddit, searched on Google... this has been posted 1000 times.
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yeah, but than again : where is the point do biuld trains while you have 3 fps ?

i dont say that the game is shit or its optimized ;)
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Trains will eliminate the conveyors causing you to have 3 FPS.
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Depends on how the Output from stations will work ... Not just the lengh of belts are a Problem. You can get in higer Performance issues when you Start merging and Splitting the same Amount of pieces onto like 10% of beld lengh
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No, that's stupid and you're wrong. The lag comes from the sheer amount of belts in the save file, nothing more nothing less.
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xD ... Test it yourselve .. wtf ? xDDDDDD
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You don't have to play late game. You don't have to play at all. Devs are awesome and they will deliver an awesome game and I am sure they will deliver. Makes no sense to make a post such as this. It's condescending and plain rude. Perhaps you could make a better game?
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Pleleleleleleleease learn to reade .. wtf
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Even at mid-game with hundreds of machines, trains, 40 coal power generators and miles and miles of conveyors belts, it can get 30 FPS on maximum settings with a very old GTX 580, 50~80FPS with minimal settings. You can try to mess around with the console to turn off the fog and fine-tune settings (including an in-game FPS counter).

But dude, sincerely, your post sounds like an unnecessary rant
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i talked bout lategame.. Not Early mid Game xD
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Don't look at your overall CPU, look at your individual cores. Satisfactory is a 2-core process, so running at 100%, it'll use 50% of your CPU.
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im using core temp 1.13 .. all cores are on 30% while 1080 is on 1392 mhz  and nothing is on 100%
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