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So I'm new to pc gaming and honestly this game is the reason i decided to upgrade my pc to get into it. I saw neebs gaming play it and i fell in love with the mechanics. But for someone unfamiliar with keyboard and mouse having to hit "R" to reload the semi-auto is kinda difficult when getting swarmed by several alien animals. It would be nice to add the option to auto-reload like most other games I've played in the past have.
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That would make it too easy. The rifle is quite powerful enough without endless bullets as well. It means you have to think a bit more about your attacks and not just run in blazing away.
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But the whole game is about making things easy. Even if its just an option in the settings that would be nice.
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We are automating everything. Why not this ? We need auto-reload.
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Rifle - powerful?

Not really...  unless they've changed it comparatively recently, it isn't much more powerful than the rebar gun - and that weapon's major "power" is simply its range.
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