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The lag in a multiplayer session becomes unbearable after some time. I have been playing with a friend for almost 40 hours and it became literally unplayable. Relaunching the game does not solve the issue. The problem doesn't seem to be about the internet connection either. Something at the game side is causing this. We want to keep playing together but it seems impossible now.
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We had major issues with this and unable to open his menus when near the base but we changed that setting for network to ultra from normal (why it wasn't default to ultra I'll never know) and we have had a lot less issues I still get a stutter every 5 to 7 min (thinking it might be the auto save but not sure of the increment that it's acutally happening).  anyway i have a 400mbs down with 70mbs up and his internet is 400mbs down with 15up so having the network issues was crazy but after that setting change rubberbanding happened less often and menu opens within 30sec instead of 5min now.

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To help you maybe improve upon this issue I would recommend going to the settings menu Options > Gameplay > Network Quality and set it to 'Ultra' in some cases it will only be set to 'High' , for further improvements I recommend keeping up with https://www.satisfactorygame.com/update at the bottom of the patch you can find the full patch notes to see when improvements have been made to multiplayer, keep in mind that this game is still in early access.
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