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All of the following related to non-host players.

- Jelly pads not working

- Parachutes not working

- Can't open drop pods in which one or more requirements is power(yes they were sufficiently powered)

- Netcode needs fixes, players experiencing noticeable lags even on ultra network settings. Buildings build with a delay or won't build at all with no build error messages but after several attempts they do build. Sometimes they weren't able to see what they've built but I as a host was able to see, or weren't able to see what I've built or were still able to see buildings I've built and then deconstructed(so buildings were no longer there), I think vission issues happened with the foundations mostly. Etc. On default network settings game was literally unplayable. (Nothing wrong with the internet connection)

- Oh and one more thing, when you will do optimizations(I know it's way down the road), one thing to optimize is that when someone joins my session, my smooth 60+ fps with occasional freezes, turns into <30fps with often freezes.
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Yes we have been having similar issues, most seem related to the amount of items we have in the game making things worse. Tried every setting possible, would be good to get some sort of statement from Coffee Stain that they are working on it and it will be fixed.
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Same here, it's been some weeks that me and my friend are unable to play together due to that. I don't see any patch points concerning multiplayers, so i hope they plan to make somehting about it, because it's the essence of the game...
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