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I'm an absolute fan of automatisation and the truck and his station gave me so much dreams, but once I tired it have been so hard, firstly, the auto pilot system isn't easy to understand and I still don't know the truck know how long wait and where for being loaded or unloaded. And their is a second problem, it's close from impossible to put the truck at the good place, it looks likes a milimeter can make you failed your spot. And more, this spot isn't coordinated with the station, it looks likes it drop the crates on the floor or takes it from nowhere. If you have hints to succed while waiting fixes for these I'll be happy to read them, thank you !
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definite ingame tutorial / guide needed for the vehicle automation

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i will agree with you on this one. it took me 5 times to get the truck right. the first time i tried to automate this i tried to make 2 paths not 1, 1 collecting and 1 delivery. but you only make 1 path in total for delivery and collection.

for the actual truck stop itself it is a little bit difficult but i found that as long as the truck is fully under the claw arm it will load and unload. for time of this to happen i just made the truck wait at the station for 5 seconds and that seems to work perfectly fine for me
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If the truck stops under the arm, it Will wait for the load. In the aoutopilot you only have to stop, without waiting longer than like 1 second.
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