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I have used the scanner to drive and walk right up to the location of a crude oil deposit, but when I got there, there wasn't any oil to be found.  According to the scanner the oil is about zero to two meters away, but I don't see any oil.  Has anyone seen this sort of thing?

-Scott V.
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Good evening,

 "I am in the southeast corner" where huge mushrooms are? Then there are indeed three or four crude oil resource nodes but crude oil looks like a huge puddle on the ground and can be overseen easily. At least I did in the beginning...

When you are at the southeast lake in a craterlike biome then you may encountered a bug when not finding oil or just did not saw it. There is oil to be found.

I am sorry for any mistake in this post, english is just not my native language
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Yes, I'm in the biome with the huge mushrooms and grey-ish ground everywhere.  I was right there, oil about 2m away, and didn't see anything, nothing like a huge puddle, just grey ground.  Maybe the oil was 2 or 3m below me, in a cave?  Thanks for the reply.
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Ignore this as I just realized it has been answered, oops I didn't scroll far enough.

I know they revamped the map by moving/removing some of the locations, some have said that if you have already built a pump in those spots that - as long as you haven't removed them it should still work. Perhaps if you bring materials for a pump and try to build it in the area that it says it is, you might get it to snap to the locations. I know in earlier releases I had come across nodes for other resources (uranium), where there was no mesh for the nodes (like coal or Iron have), but a miner was able to snap to the locations.

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Hi! What's the area of the oil field? (See Biomes map on reddit.) Bye FW
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I found my location on "SatisfactoryMap.com," and I am in the southeast corner of the map, in that grey-colored biome (not sure what you call it).  Interestingly, the map does not show any resouces at my location.  So I think it might be a bug in the scanner.  My location is (179037, 209255, -8561).
-Scott V.
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Hey, I've answered my own question.  I found the oil, but it was about 40m away from the spot indicated by the scanner.
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so the spot the scanner indicates to where to find the oil is incorrect. That seems to be a bug then. I will try to test this with a new game save and if this flaw is repcoducable so one could file this bug in.
Glad though you can enjoy the game again :-)

English is not my native language so I am sorry for an mistake in this post.

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