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Edit : forgot that belts only use materials, make poles and stackable poles craftable

So that when we carry belts, we can save storage space. Then, maybe, add crafting time / installation time for initial installation/upgrading.

Just like in Factorio, but with more implications.

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Belts cost approximately 1 plate per 2 meter, Only the MK.6 consists of 2 materials (for now) but that one is not unlocked yet.

Source: https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Conveyor_Belt

So there is no real improvement of pre-crafting conveyor belts as you don't know how long you want your belt, so you need to store the smallest piece of belt anyway. So same amount of storage is being used.

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Correct; I am playing the EA version. But anyway, question edited as I realized my mistake. Thanks.
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The belts are basically pre-created. They come in a form of material.

1 plate = 1 unit of belt mk1

1 R.plate = 1 unit of mk2

1 Steal beam = 1 unit of mk3


Not sure how much more space you're gonna save by converting this material to actual belts. in fact you're going to have less space due to overhead of production
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Right, right. I'm trying to say that we make conveyor (non/-stackable) poles craftable, because they use multiple parts. Forgot that belts use only 1 material.
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Hmm, let's make the Assembler pre-craftable then also! ;-)
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