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Probably been brought up a bunch, saw people talking about both, but not quite in the way I'm about to describe, so I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in it since I was thinking about it while doing another question. Anyways...

Difficulty Sliders: I'd like difficulty sliders that control various factors (i.e. crafting time, output, gun damage, enemy damage, etc), with pre-set difficulty levels. This way you can not only "play as intended" on Easy, Normal, Hard, Whatever, but adjust the variables to suit your exact play style. Would be great to have the option to switch between quick runs or endurance factories.

Hand Crafting: The community's pretty divided on "Handcrafting is WAAYY too OP" and, "Don't nerf hand crafting plz, too much automating if you do"... so add an in game option called "Quick Handcrafting". If selected, hand crafting works just like it does now, otherwise handcrafting is 1/2 speed (1/4 speed, whatever) of buildings. The more casual set can still have the option to handcraft if they just want to power through to the next tier, while the hardcore set will be forced to use buildings for maximum efficiency (personally, I like the quick crafting, but it makes more sense for the building to do it faster than you... so I'd like to have both options, really). This ties in with my difficulty sliders above so I didn't want to "ask" this seperately, but I figured it warranted it's own section at least.

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I think peole just need to get over the hand crafting, at the start yes i used it a lot but once the factory was up and running i barely used it. i think its fine for the purpose its intended for one thing i did bring up about this is the make the overheat on ti usefull in the way that it costs double mats when the button overheats, other then that just needs to be left alone.

I find difficulty setting idea is a bit of umm and arr situation for me as it could work nicely OR it migth just bring nothing to the game bar frustraition depending on how its made and what it implements as messing around to much with numbers could creat so many game issues for the devs {possibly} but some intresting points.
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Sliders that adjust variables shouldn't mess up anything, definitely not ADD frustration to the game (especially with presets). Normal is.... well, the way the game is now. Easy cuts damage/wait time in half, doubles production, etc while hard does the opposite. Exact doubles and halves of variables would take roughly 2 seconds to do and more than likely not break anything, and I think ACTUAL balancing of difficulties wouldn't take much longer to do, the math for parts on machines evens out pretty well as it is.

The handcrafting thing is an easy fix, an easy option to make the entire community happy. No point in telling people to get over an easy fix and an honest complaint in the middle of early access. It's less a "temptation" issue to some and more "I'd like to FORCE automation in my multiplayer world", where as other players would just like to use handcrafting without feeling like they're cheating. Not saying I'm one of them, just saying I understand the sentiment.
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