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Having editable text labels on all containers (especially the personals) would be a huge help to organizing the massive amount of 'stuff' one gathers in this game.  

Similar to the labels on storage in Subnautica.  Others have suggested hovering icons - but the 'display real-estate' is already pretty cluttered.  And you only need to see it when you are near the container.
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It would be very helpfull. I often dont know where and what is in containers. Labels as option would be great.

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Just press F and you can aim on any container from far, and it will tell you what it contains .
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just dont click the left mouse button doing it lol.
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Ok - did not know that!  It is at least something.  It might be a bit safer if you had to do a "Control-F" to view contents as opposed to de-constructing the item.  Even with that it would be helpful if you could put a short title on each container.
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Pressing F doesnt solve this problem - its sounds more like workaround. I'm not going to stop and press F to every container, so labels would be welcomed.
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I agree - def workaround.  But at least useful for now.  Being able to add your own 'placard' type text on any container would leads to much better organization.  Also making personal containers paint-able would be a huge help too.
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