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Having to constantly switch between build mode and dismantle mode gets to be quite frustrating and tedious especially when placing things down in the wrong place, having to switch over to dismantle mode then switch back to build mode to continue building.

So why not just combine both of them into one. When you press "F" key for the construction tool, it will appear on the screen but won't do anything until you select a item from the build menu ("Q" key) or from the build WHEEL (press "F" key and held down) to choose from pre-selected items, basically your hotkeys selections. The center of the build wheel is where you will clear your selection, so you don't end up with a hologram floating in front of you all the time when you're in build mode.

Ok, so when you want to dismantle, you'll press and hold the RMB (switching to dismantle mode) then use the LMB to dismantle whatever you want. Once you're done, simply release the RMB to return back to build mode.

Once you finish building, press "F" key to exit build mode.

If you have anything to add please do so, I'm not sure if I've missed anything but I'm thinking it would be better than it is now.
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I agree the switch from build mode to dismantle mode and back is awkward.  What you are proposing sounds kind of complicated to me.  Why not have the program remember what you were doing just before the dismantle, and automatically switch back?  For example, if you were building a thick foundation, and press F to dismantle something, when you press F or esc it would switch back to building a thick foundation.
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I'll think it's that complicated but even so, they could even use the "R" key to undo the last thing that you've built. It's not like we're reloading a Rifle or a Nobelisk.
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An "undo" would be great.
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The switching between modes is fine if you go from build mode to dismantle mode. One hit on the 'F' and you can start dismantle stuff. However in reverse, pressing 'Q' just disables dismantle mode, and doesn't bring up the build menu, you have to hit it again. That's where the system can/should be improved.

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Personaly i dont have any problems with the delete option its fast efficiant and dose not require me to go into multiple options to sue it which i think is what your refering to, i suppose for some its an anoyance but maybe have it as an option in controls or something as for me it works fine.
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The problem isn't dismantling, the problem is that you've only got so many hotkeys and if you've selected something that's not on your hotkeys, you can't return to it quickly without reopening the build menu and selecting it again. By combining build mode and dismantle mode, this would make returning to build mode much easier and would keep your selected item that you were building without having to re-selected.
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Setting hotkeys is a thing, not gonna argue it's tedious pulling things back up if they're not there though.
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