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I run my desktop PC in headless mode and use an application called Parsec to stream to my mac. It's similar to Steam in home streaming but better.

I've played many games like this over the past few years.

It seems to mostly work with Satisfactory, however the build menu is unuseable. Hovering over an item in the build menu does not display the item, and you cannot click on an item in the build menu.

Inventory works fine.

I think this has something to do with Windows "mouse keys" and how Satisfactory detects mouse movement for the build menu.

There's an issue where if you don't have a mouse plugged in to the hosting machine, you have to enable Windows "mouse keys" to see the mouse. The parsec client then sends keyboard commands to move the mouse (I presume). It's a Windows accessibility feature for mouse movement using your keyboard.

In order to actually play, I have to connect the mouse to the host machine, which isn't possible if I'm not in the same room, and it's really tricky to get in given where I have to keep my desktop.

Has anyone else been successful in playing Satisfactory using Parsec or similar in home streaming systems?

Given that the rest of the game seems to function fine, and just the build menu doesn't work, it sounds like a bug to me.
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The answer is "play the game on the computer it's installed on".

Also, mixing Mac and Windows is never going to result in anything good...
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In home streaming is great and so far has worked with every other game I have.

Parsec also works in from chrome, so the fact that it’s mac to windows has nothing to do with it.

Suggesting I play the game on the machine it’s installed on when I’ve said I’m running without a screen isn’t exactly very helpful.

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Can you not just leave a mouse plugged in all the time?
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Sure, but that doesn’t help if I want to play from a different room.
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I run it just fine. I play from work during my lunch break and I just connect to my home desktop. The big difference is that I don't run in headless mode (not sure how I would do that), I just turn off my monitor when I leave for work.
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