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When dismantling buildingd/foundations, if the inventory is full, containers with resourses remain on floor. To pick up their contents you need to open it. If the building was located on the 2nd or 3rd floor, the box will freeze in the air and it will be difficult to open it without building a pre-ladder before it.

Please add the ability to disassemble such Ficsit boxes like a buildings/foundations, so their contents fall into inventory, if space is freed up, but so that it can be done remotely. When product lines are being disassembled, more than a dozen of such boxes can accumulate in air and build a ladder for each of them is very annoying.

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Yes this can be a nuisance.
So - if I am about to dismantle several machines, especially if they contain hundreds of items, then I will empty my inventory first so that I don't get this problem.  I keep several personal storage boxes nearby so that I can empty my inventory whenever necessary.
I think the key here is to be organised beforehand.
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