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As a humorous alternative to vehicles, belts, and trains we could use an artillery style cannon to transfer resources between locations in indirect-fire style. This would require a suitably large landing pad and collection medium similar to the jump pad landing gel.

Electric rail gun, magnetic Gauss cannon, or classic powder cannon options. High burst power use or black powder/cordite cost.

Only raw resources or otherwise shock insensitive materials may be transferred this way. Missing a pad will destroy some or all resources, being hit by the payload is lethal. Payload mass affects distance traveled. Further research unlocks guided payload. Nobelisk laden payloads are massively destructive. Nukes?

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It's not a cannon, but if you behave well, maybe Santa Clause will get you some.

See: https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Remote_Storage
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Too lazzy to build or carry stuff over?


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