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I have a weird situation with a truck on a automated path, in which the truck, at a certain spot in the path, does a quick, tight 360-degree turn for no reason, and then goes on its way.  The truck gets where it needs to go, it's just strange that it does this 360-turn at the same spot every time.

-Scott V.
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It's probably just missing one of the nodes so has to turn around to pick it up. Deleting this node should solve it.
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I have the same issues sometimes. These situations have nothing to do with missing nodes. At the moment, automated path are not implemented well (early access) and it need many amendents.
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It does need more work, I agree, but I have had a truck speed past a node, normally going down hill, and have to turn around to pick it up the node it missed. Deleting the node solved it for me.

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Im having same issue but i think its the AI after a while it starts to do its own path then wait a little longer and it goes back to normal....sometimes, or it just bumps into everything.
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