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Very simple suggestion.

Parachutes for Vehicles, allows you to then ride off cliffs and just parachute down without having to build platforms to go down or damage your vehicle from the height etc.
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Just be more careful and besides its not so useful when your riding into the void of the world.
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Just allows the game to have a higher "fun" factor when riding off cliffs.
Nothing is useful if you decide to jump into the void.

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At the moment you can avoid fall damage to the vehicle and yourself be a small trick.
Exit the vehicle just short before hitting the ground.
Nothing will happen that way.
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Not really a viable method to always be using / should be used IMO.
Instead can just have an in-game feature to have parachutes for the vehicles, people don't have to use them if didn't want to, but for those of us who do, would be a great help.
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