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Items should despawn IF left on ground for X amount of time, say if item has remained on the ground for more than 30minutes - 1 hour, item should get removed.

Else a "Crusher" Machine that has a larger "storage" which you can dump items into and it'll just crush it up and delete them.

Possibility of a "reward" after crushing X amount of items.
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That would rather negate the "rubbish bin" on your inventory...
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It would also be a problem for those of us who frequently store items on the ground, such as portable miners.
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Allows mass removal rather than drag and drop each item into the bin.
While giving a random Reward for doing so.
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Setup storage containers then? Quite annoying personally to have items just dumped on the ground as they have no-where else to go and not wanting to create extra storages for excess parts I don't want / need.
And dragging it 1 by 1 to the inventory bin is just more hassle and slow than to either dump on ground or to have a machine that will just crush it for you and you can just shift click loads of items into it's inventory.
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No.  I find it very convenient to store some items on the ground. It seems quite natural.

I wouldn't have a use for a crusher or other disposal system. I don't delete items that I have spent time and resources creating, and I'm careful not to over produce. I prefer to be organised rather than wasteful. Perhaps it's my age! Lol
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Then could still allow a machine, than item despawning.
Means people such as yourself who for whatever reason store items on the ground can do, lol
But then those who want rubbish removal can create the machine to do so, especially when it comes to the new Nuclear stuff that will be releasing, unless they release something to remove nuclear waste (as would presume there would be a wastage), don't really want to manually delete it all the time.
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You can use the CTRL-drag to move items of one kind from a container or your inventory to the trash bin.
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how about a recycling machine that takes the produced items and reduces them down to their base parts?  As in either iron ingots, copper ingots, catirium ingots, you get the idea. larger produced things also get reduced down to the basics as well.  there can of course be a price to this, as in a loss of some of the resources.
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Yeah thats what i actually looking for either item crates despawn or a quick button to delete items inside that crates rather than moving each stack one by one to the rubbish bin. sometimes trying to rebuild and the fact your inventory gets overfilled that crates are just frustrating to remove due build issues. this is quite annoying.
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