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Im into vertical building a lot, and what im missing is easy vertical transport for long distances.

im now using jump pads and walkways a lot but it becomes teadious when you have to navigate 10 jump pads to get to the top or run up around 120+ walkway ramps.

So I propose a elevator that runs between 2 positions and transports a player for a max of 120 meters high and only from bottom to top (the other way around can by jelly pad).

What are your thoughts about it
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and now with the introduction of the train, having a service elevator for that too would be great help for traversing all the cliffs or pulling into that massive tower of a base that you have. This one could be automated though and waaaay end-game (obviously). Requires power from the Train Station to function and the platform could have a sensor on it so it only moves when a train is on it. It should also be able to detect when a train is waiting on it (if you have multiple trains running on the same route) and can raise or lower itself to keep everything operating the way the player intended. Let's say this elevator is sized to lift one Electric Locomotive and one Freight Car. If you have more than one Electric Locomotive and/or Freight Car in tow, then you'll have to build a separate "Elevator/Lift Extension Platform" per car.
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I'd prefer a modern version of a paternoster
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I like the idea of a player/vehicle elevator (maybe a small player-only and a large to fit vehicles). They would be bidirectional and could chain up/down. When you get in you have a panel with buttons to represent each floor (segment junction). The floors could be labeled with editable text so that you can name each.
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Hope this idea gets consideration. I know that almost everything is possible through modding but such a feature I think belongs to vanilla.
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What about huge person-sized pneumatic tubes like in Futurama or Mario Maker 2?

Suck you in at the bottom, spit you out at the top, you get a nice view of the factory whizzing by en route...

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I would like it to be multifloor and small enough to fit in the middle of the staircase
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see what seePyou wrote (last comment above this answer)
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This is not an aswer. Please convert this to a comment. This is not to put you down, but anyone checking large scale on the site from CSS will go for the un-answered ones first.
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thats a really nice idea but it shouldnt be available before u have steel and motors. but indeed jump pads are nice but using 10 sounds alot. ( my highest use was 3 or 4 placed so that u keep jumping onto the next one )
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Would be nice to have two versions, one small for players and a large one for vehicles
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IF an Elevator thing is going to happen I'm afraid it might be on the ultimate Tier just for the reason to not exploit it against the challange of the terrain (guess also the main reason why there is no aircraft). BUT to bind the elevator to an actual factory it could require to operate not just power but also some item, forcing you to have a production line in order to have it to work.
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