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Hello, so i was building a walkway from my base straight to a distant node. It's from Jungle (3rd) spawn point, to the 4 pure oil nodes in the south-west. I made a platform high enough so i can bypass the terrain. It takes around 3k concrete to make a 1 foundation with path between the 2 points. The problems appeared when I wanted to widen the path to 2 foundations. At one endpoint i put a foundation beside the arriving one, then went straight following the previously placed foundation by aligning the following foundations to it. At the end of the path, i saw there is a gap. The gap was small, so it's hard to see in small bases, but somehow it is not aligned properly.

I thought i made a mistake, so i removed the newly made path, and began from the opposite side. But i got the same result. I redid tis a 3rd time just to be sure, by carefully looking how each foundation snaps, and I still got a gap. The gap appears near half the path. The angle is small, but it is there.

I did this kind of long pathing before, but didn't see any gap. Not sure when it appeared.

Since this needs to be a question : am I doing something wrong or does this happen to everyone?

Edit : here are the photos of the problem. I couldn't reproduce the gap (lack of time) but I got the opposite, where a foundation encroaches another foundation. Before that, since i didn't want to wait for neither dev replies or patches correcting this, if there ever is either. So i simply used the base path i created, and placed foundations snapping them on the side of the base path, as is shown on the photo below.

To combat the angle difference, i snapped the following foundations on the side of the first path

Ok, so to reproduce the problem it's easy, first have a long path (mine costs around 3k concrete). Then place a foundation by snapping it to the side of one end of the path like the following screenshot.

The just build the rest of the path by snapping foundations on the length side of the path, like in the following screenshot :

Once the path is long enough, you can see that it's not aligned with the foundations beside it. On the following screenshot, you can see the foundation encroaching on the right side. You can also see the 2 placed foundations overlapping.

The same goes for the other side :

Edit 2 : 

I can understand downvoting, but can you at least provide a reason? I mean if you just stay silent, how are people to know what to change or what they did wrong?

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I don't understand the down voting.
I haven't looked at it by now, but that would explain the absolute horrible behavior of the buggy in the game. When you drive on sand, and many other natural grounds you can really speed up and the wheels stay on the ground. If you drive on a road constructed from foundations the wheels most times jump around as they would constantly hit an edge or something like that.

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Can you provide a picture?
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Added screenshots.
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