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So, first let me say I love this game. I have great time building factories and exploring. But I think there are some game mechanics that make all that more tedious than necessary. I want to offer some suggestions that might improve the gameplay :

 1. The removal of built objects : currently, when building, players tend to build a whole section of a factory before checking if anything is wrong. I also try out patterns in a clear area before applying them in my factory. Removing all of that takes a lot of time with the current system.

Here is how I think this could be improved : make it so that it works like the Nobelisk Detonator. Left-click selects an object to remove, right-click removes selected objects. The current right-click is very annoying since I often right-click accidentally and cancel the removal. Pressing "F" to exit removal is fine for me. This feels more intuitive to me than having to press and hold for each object to be removed.

 2. Inventory full containers. This is about the containers the game makes when removing an object and there is not enough space in player inventory to store them. There are actually 2 points on this subject.

  2.1 Container placement : this is very annoying. There are a lot of times I make a mistake when I build long distance belts. I have to remove the belts, but also the resources that the miner already produced, so my inventory gets full. This makes the containers spawn on the belts. Sometimes those are between 2 other belts and very annoying to get to.

My suggestion is to make them spawn near the player instead. This allows for rapid access and no running around to get each and every container. Especially when building high up.

  2.2 Container retrieval : this also Is very annoying. We have to open each and every container to either get the resources, or delete them by dragging the objects to the trashcan. When having to deal with more than 5 containers, it rapidly becomes time consuming.

My suggestion is to allow us to use the dismantler to retrieve the resources by dismantling the containers from a distance. This would make for a more intuitive use of the dismantling tool and dismantling process.

 3. The belt directionality : this is the main reason for dismantling. Since all belts/elevators have default direction, the player has to pay attention at the starting point of the belts they are building. Not very intuitive in my opinion. Also, very error prone.

My suggestion is to make belts have no direction until connected to an input/output. This way players would be able to build whatever section they want, in any direction they want before connecting it to something, which would allow for faster building. Currently players have to decide the build order since belt direction need to be correct.

 4. Belt building. Currently belt building is very tedious. One has to place stackable poles, before connecting belts, same for conveyor poles if they need to be extended vertically.

My suggestion is to place all that in one motion. Let me explain. The player has to select building a belt. Map one modifier (ctrl, shift, alt) to conveyor height. The basic height is a conveyor pole with smallest height. While holding the modifier and using mouse scroll, select from conveyor pole smallest height, to conveyor pole highest height, then, one stackable pole, 2 stackable poles and so on up to some maximum. This way player can select the height at which they want the belt to be and, if the belt is too steep, move the anchor till it isn't. This will allow for an almost seamless belt building, and I think it will be more intuitive than the current system.


I just thought about another possible improvement for building, that can apply for all buildings having "mkx" : 

 5. Object version switching : currently players need to add each separate "mkx" version of an object to the action bar. It takes up space in the action bar when trying to build a lot of things, and wastes time.

My suggestion is to map a modifier (ctrl, alt, shift) to scrolling trough object version : building a belt? Scroll up to go from mk1 to mk4, scroll once more, go back to mk1. Basically scroll trough a circular list of object versions. This would help most with belts and elevators. 

I think that all of these suggestion will make the game's mechanics more intuitive to use and beginner friendly, while also making late game building faster and more efficient.

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