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A more integrated user-interface for all type of generators.

This interface allows you to see the full consumption you can have, the full amount while machines are offline etc

It also allows you to see which machine as tripped the generators.

Shows you exactly how much power consumption machines are pulling and which ones are pulling the most / individual amounts being shown.

If you have overclocked machines for it to either show in the generator which machines have them and maybe a button you can press to allow you to visually see where the machine is. (Or for there to be a visual indicator on the machine once you install the overclocker).
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I agree there should be an option to see the graph or see actual numbers displayed on the wattage flex. the graph it currently gives, you have to watch it to see how high it goes.. the number doesn't show on what your highest output is.. so you may be looking at a pole and it's reading 54 watts, but it isn't showing you the higher numbers. You have to wait on the spike of electricity to be used.
I just recently pulled too many watts and killed every bit of power i had.. so the "graph" the game gives is not enough information.

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There is no need for of that !

You have graph witch clearly display to you how much power you produce, and how much power you use.

And the machines show witch one is overclocked with the light bar: red off line, yellow stand by, green working, purple overclocked.
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Doesn't seem to be that way for me (with the purple light).

And the graph only shows you general usage, whereas I'm talking about a full in-depth option.

Just means you don't have to run to each machine to see what power they're individually using and instead shows into the Generators GUI.
Also shows which has the biggest "spike" especially with start-up consumption which can show you then whether your power source is strong enough or not.

Then while at it shows whether the machine is overclocked and by how much, much simpler, much for fluidity to it and easier for those who want to see exactly what's going on.
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