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This might seem like a weird request, but... I'd like a splitter/merger separate from the normal ground splitter/merger that can attach to an existing structure and come out at the same level as the structure, even if not touching the ground. It would be really useful for things like the Assembler, Manufacturer, etc. with multiple inputs.

This would work by having it come out of whatever attachment like a pole, unmoving, only extending and retracting. You could put in a system where you can't extend the floating splitter/merger/conveyor belt past the last "anchor point" (pole/attachment to ground structure) if you don't want people to "cheese" floating conveyor belts across the whole map (though technically you can do that right now by just removing the conveyor pole after placing the conveyor belt anyways)
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You're right! We definitely want a Splitters/Mergers that are smart at placement like Conveyor Lifts. Splitters/Mergers need to be able to attach directly to Splitters/Mergers, Conveyor Lifts, machines etc. We need moar votes!

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I just created an entire row of floating mergers by building a foundation and then deconstructing it after I was done. While it can be done, it's a lot more work. Since they are directly connected to conveyor lift on either side, they actually do look fully supported. I do wish it was easier to create theses kinds of arrangements. They just look amazing when done right.

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Holy crap that looks fancy, I like the "hallway" look.  I need to mess around with foundations more and try out those compact builds, they always look so nice. Freaking love those new conveyor lifts :D

That's been my workaround too, just came on here after doing it for like the 4th time and had this "eureka" moment. Would be a handy part, no?
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Yeah, it would be really handy. I'm really happy with how that part turned out. I've yet to do the input side, and it's likely going to use the same style of build.  Right now, I'm dealing with the area that I've got reserved for the tangle of belts that are supposed to supply that factory, and it's proving to be a real pain. I'm finding out the hard way that I'm going to have to cram more belts then initially planned into what is already a really tight space. I'm counting 6 right now, but i'm guessing that I'm going to need more then that by the time I'm done.
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Way I do it is bit different than yours Enalung. I'm placing conveyor at desired height and then splitter/ merger on it.
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It's a valid method that I'm aware of, but I don't like it since it does not give me snapping lines. That is something that seriously needs to be addressed. It would make my life a lot easier.
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