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I made a quick video demonstrating the issue: https://youtu.be/XkN51-xfIZE

The gist of it is that when put on standby, a miner will keep making sound as if it's mining despite the fact that it's been put on standby. In the video, the miner has already mined it's maximum count, 100 iron ore. I then proceed to remove that ore from the miner and put it on standby. That is all that is required in order to trigger this bug.
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As far as I can tell, the reason is:

when a miner is on standby for a longer time (exiting the game and come back) it defaults with his drill head parked out of the drill whole. If you now just take a tiny bit of ore out of it, the animation and the sound will start to bring the drill head back in the whole. But before the miner can finisch that, the ore is filled up again, hence it gets stuck in the middle of the "drill head in whole" process and the sound keeps playing.
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Between the time where I remove the ore and the time where I put it on standby, there's less then a second. The miner does not even have time to get through it's start sequence. As seen in the video, the head is still out of the hole. The animation isn't playing which means that the part of the code whose job it is to interrupt the animation is working as intended. The sound isn't getting interrupted as it should.
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Also, I did not report it, but the truck actually does the exact same thing from time to time. Not sure how to replicate that one as I have not attempted to do so. My best guess is that it is the same bug. In other words, there is a bug somewhere in the code controlling sound.

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Thanks for the good bug replication video :P

I've added it to the bug board so a programmer can take a look at the code path!
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