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Some friends have also bought satisfactory. Everyone could join eachother. Only if I want to join my game terminates. The log tells in line 289 that there is a problem with the NAT. I tried to allow Ports 65000-65100, 54663, 54672, 54676 (TCP and UDP).

Problem is my speedport 921v doesn't support Upnp. What could be the problem?

Log, https://pastebin.com/5Kjy0KU5

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You're reading wayyyy too far into that log. Put your router into DMZ mode and see if it works.
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Great idea, But the Telekom Speedport 921 v doesn't have a dmz mode. What does it mean exactly? Forward all ports toy pc? I've tried that already.
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Basically disables all port security, yeah. Have you tried connecting to the host via hamachi?
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Try to forward ports from 1-to 65000 for test (simulation of DMZ) . Also try turn off your OS firewall for test. Try to connect your computer with satisfactory by mobile telephone with internet (as router) just also to test connection and to find out what is reason.
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Doesn't helped. mobile network is not an option. We only receive edge on mobiles.

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Solved. Problem was that Epic doesn't recognize that I already have bought the game. I've bought it again and now it works. A refund request is submitted.
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