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The Space Lift looks like an integral part of the game, allowing you to access the next tiers, but for something that large and glorious, I think it should be able to do more. There are 6 input ports on the Space Lift, but I feel that 3 of those could be used as output ports, allowing the player to send up goods, possibly gain money and request goods to be send down that might be a bit hard to transport. These goods leave through the outputs and conveyors can be used to transport them to where they need to go.

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Sweet idea! On point, it is indeed a connection with something bigger.
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the idea of a factory is for you to make the stuff, not buy it from someone / somewhere else

you'll see the need for the 6 input as you progress to the higher tiers i'm sure.

From what I can see the nature of your mission is to suck the planet / area dry of resources and send it home........
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Seeing as you can only build one Space Lift and there is plenty of space to add extra input ports I'm sure having extra income of a few goods for only one base will not hurt this idea. There could even be a system where Ficsit requests goods from the planet surface, and in turn will send down goods you cannot obtain on the planet.
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