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So, i have read that there is limited number of HDDs on the map (67?). There are 8 that cannot be unlocked now, but my question is, is it safe to reaseach all of those i can obtain? Is there a chance that i wont be able to get some alternate recipe for future tiers if i do so?

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Once you've found all the recipes (including the expansions to the personal carrying place), the M.A.M. tells you it cannot find any new recipes and that the HD has been returned to you.

This is what was happening to me before the update hit a few days ago. And once sulfur and quartz opened up, the same HD's that the M.A.M. had told me yielded nothing new now yielded new recipes.

So if you've found all the recipes, just save your HD's for the next update that should come at the end of June.
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Thank you very much, i was afraid that they would be just spent without giving new recipe..
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I now have 24 HD waiting in my Hub for the next update to hit in about 1 month. :-)
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There are 34 alternate recipes in the game and 67 crash sites.
You should be able to derive your answer from those figures.

One thing to note is that once you've unlocked all the recipes you won't get any benefit from researching a new HDD.

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Won't he be able to get more inventory space then, when all the recipe's research is done?
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Thanks for taking time to answer, but same link says: "2 Hard drives will be used for character Inventory expansions, leaving 65 for alternative recipes."
You say that there are 34 alt recipes in the game, does it mean that when i research 34 of them, +2 for inventory space, the next one i put in M.A.M will be wasted as it wont give me reward?
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Once you have researched all available the M.A.M will tell you that there is not current available research and will give you back the Hard Drive.  You will not loose it.  Just put it in a box until there is an update and then research again
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