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I found myself 50% of the time building factories, 50% of the time cutting down trees and crafting biofuel.If only coal was more accessible (right now it is located in zones full of powerful enemies far from the center of the map), the game would be more about automation and not grind. (Which I feel Satisfactory should be like)
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I mean, coal is an infinite fuel source in this game so it has every right to be hard to get (as stated by other previously). In my opinion, it should be harder to get- I just pushed all of the enemies away with my rover and was set for life. That's more an issue on the rover being ridiculously safe, not on coal though.

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It cant be too easy ;) and it really isnt a big deal to go for the coal with a couple foundations and a long conveyor, the coil power plants are truly worth it. In terms of enemies, they're not really that powerful, you can outsmart them. If you really struggle, build yourself a vehicle and just give them a ride hehe. I hope I helped :)
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you should be able to get coal with only dealing with 4 or 5 enemies - and you don't need to bring it home - mine it and pump it straight into your generator /s bring a powerline home and you're set ;-)
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I set up small outposts near coal deposits with a truck station to then bring mass amounts of coal back to my main factory quickly. Most of the enemies are easy to clear out, and you have to consider that it's an infinite, automated source of fuel, unlike biomass.
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I'm finding the same thing. I have a small factory setup to automate most of it, but still need to go and cut trees down. It'd be nice to have more options for generating power, eg. Solar, wind and batteries, or maybe some sort of combine harvester attachment for your tractor like one of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZnfOXs9330

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