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Now that version 0.1.12 is out, I figured I'd get back into my world to see what the new stuff looked like and figure out how to use it, especially from 0.1.11. However, the only new thing that's showing up in my world is the conveyor lifts. I checked in the HUB to see if there was new stuff to unlock as well as seeing if the elevator had another task. There was no additional stuff that needed to be done. I even pressed Z and I can't get the map to show. So, will I have to start a new world to be able to get the items included in the most recent patch?
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Have you tried going to the M.A.M.?
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Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. That's that computer that's inside the main base. I never think about that because that's just for research and never to build anything. But, there's no new option to research sulfur or quartz.

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So, you have to first find a Sulfur or Quartz node, and actually obtain some of the material first (either manually or by a miner). Then if you have the material in your inventory, the option to research it will show up in the MAM.
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So, research options don't show up in the MAM until you go out and discover new elements. I remember making a previous posting when I brought up the subject about mycelia that the way some of these elements are placed in the world, you, basically, have to stumble into them to discover them. Obviously, that's the way it works in real life. You don't know what something does until you discover it and experiment with it. But, when you know something is out there and what it's capable of, but, you have to find it before you can do anything with it and you have no idea where to look, it can start to get slightly annoying.
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Right but there's online maps for people that get annoyed with exploration.
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Well, it took two different online maps to find it. One showed me my position in a save game file, the other showed me where the caves were. But, I found it.
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