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Hello, recently ive started playing multiplayer pretty frequently with couple of my friends.
Im the host all the time and i often got the questions from my friends why the Beryl Nuts or Pale berrys not appearing in their inventory when picked up and why i have bushes all over the place inside my base until we figured out there a huge sync issue with the foliage, basically the berrys and nuts they been trying to pick up wasnt there anymore, ive asked them pick up berrys from the plants where ive also seen them and that did appear inside their inventory as supposed, also ive seen them sometime picking up berrys or nuts from an empty tree, tree didnt appear empty on their side and even the pickup animation played for them but no berrys or nuts appeared in their inventory since it was actually empty.
Its the same issue with bushes, they shee bushes at places where i removed them already and they able to pick it up but no leafs appears in their inventory, just same as with the berrys and nuts, it wasnt there already just only appeared for them.
For further test ive asked one of my friend to host their game for me and ive been experiencing the same issues there. Basically this happened, ive joined their game, he shown me a pale berry plant which was empty on their side, on my side its wasnt empty i was able to pick up the berrys but no berry appeared inside my inventory, i did left the game right after and joined again, and the berrys was there on the same plant again like nothing happened, same with bushes.

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There are currently numerous multiplayer sync issues like this that I'm sure the team are working on. I would try to make sure every players multiplayer quality setting is the same, try it on Ultra and see if the issues go away.
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I had the same issue. Our fix was have them join before any harvesting takes place and for whatever reason this seemed to resolve the issue.  Hope it helps.
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