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Yesteday i started all over again, and when emptying out a personal miner, it kept gaining resources. Like when u hold e, acces inventory and exits inventory it continues untill you look away. However i could walk all the way over to the hub. Craft whatever i liked with iron, and even acces personal storage boxes while i kept getting iron into my inventory as if i was mining a node. It only stopped when i went to a cobber ore, and im guessing its cause the animation was reset.

Someone experienced something similar to this the 9th of march, but now with personal miners and that was a while ago.. I posted a 30 sec video on the discord server in "streams-and-videos". 28th of may 2019, by username "Stenboeg" 12:41 UTC +2.

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I had the exact same happen to me. I'm really not sure how I created the bug, but I suspect that timing is key. I've got a macro that I use when I'm handcrafting a lot of items which holds the spacebar for 10 seconds and then repeats until I deactivate it. My guess is that the keypress to mine more and closing the window are registered at or almost at the same time. That is usually how the script goes for theses kinds of issues in most games. Several actions have to happen within a very short time frame and the way they are handled, either in parallel or by a queue system is a large part of what creates the issue.  Theses kinds of issues are much more common with online games. It's a lot easier to synchronize everything in a single player game.
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