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NOTE: This can open up a can of worms regarding the Object Scanner and Resource Scanner. I feel it could effectively change their functionality and/or change them entirely when you think about the Object Scanner versus the Resource Scanner are relatively the same thing. That possible issue aside, I believe the suggestion should still be discussed.

Suggestion: I've seen people complain the Object Scanner is an unnecessary piece of equipment. In my strong opinion, they're ignorant of the fact that hearing impaired people cannot hear the sound of Enemies (The things that can kill you), Power Slugs, Somersloops, or Mercer Spheres when you get closer to them and they're not immediately visible. The object scanner should have a moving needle, digital readout with a bar gauge or numbers, or (my personal favorite) even a Doppler gauge similar to the ones that were used in the movie "Aliens".  Either of those with it's increasing/decreasing blinking lights would make better sense to everyone especially to someone that can't hear.

Reason: I agree with the first topic below that mentioned the moving needle since I started out in electronics and every meter I used had some kind of either numerical gauge or swinging needle that was a direct representation of the reading that was being taken at that moment. Granted, please leave the blinking lights since people can be distracted and even with a Doppler scanning style of screen may not see there is an incoming danger at first.

Caveat: From this it is obvious that the Doppler Gauge is similar to the way it works for the Resource Scanner yet with a different display/usage possibility. My concerns are that it could cause developers frustration, even disgust on a bad day, in considering the idea that both the Resource Scanner and the Object Scanner could be merged/changed. However, I still feel the Object Scanner should be short ranged since you're on foot.

Lastly, it is far from my intention to make anyone's life difficult, I'm a software engineer myself, and in my own conscience I manage and build things with the thoughts of who is using it. In my opinion, I feel this is definitely a UX/UI matter that should be looked at (no pun intended).


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