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I would like to be able to put the amount of times I like to craft an item directly without having to press the Button each time. Just like I am able to do in the Build Menu.

Would be helpfull and makes the to do list faster to use
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Once you press the plus button, a box appears over the device with the number 1. They've added the ability to click that and specify how many you want to make.
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That only happens in the Building menu, not in the Craft bench. In the Craft bench you can only add 1 or 10 but noch specify the amount.

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You can use Shift+click to add 10 items at a time. Not exactly what you are looking for, but definitely quicker.
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I would also love to see some input field for this.

Yes, it is quicker but still putting 1000+ items can be "boring". Also what I noticed is that after shift+click I cannot revert to 1 item at a time. For example, I need 50 items, I need to click it 1, then use shift+click to get 51 and if I click on -1 it will do -10. Once I close menu and right click again I can use +/- 1.
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well talking about boring, making 1000+ items in the craftbench is kinda boring, there are machines for that :)
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