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The portable miner could have a button to "Take all" since it is mostly what we do in it every time. That's it haha :)

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Yeah, I've clicked the "pickup miner" button more than a few times expecting it to be a "take all" button.
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Exactly! Happened to me too

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Seeing as it can only carry a single stack, you can just Shift-right-click the stack it has to immediately grab it anyway. ^^
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haha I know, and that's exactly what I did, but this is a suggestion! In order to enhance the gameplay, the button would help, just like containers.
Thinking of it as actions, Shift + Click require two actions, as the button only requires one. This is one interaction that would need one less action, combining various suggestions as this one, can save minutes/hours of gameplay, and the player can feel more efficient and in control :)
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A tooltip for [Shift ] + Click  would be nice, it is in another inventory menu
(below the menu box) but missing from the miner.

I dont think a "take all" buton is needed.
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Cross-posting a relevant comment from another question:


Perhaps portable miners should be deconstructed like other buildings (using F). Then the UI could just have a take-all button.
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The thing is, miners are not constructions, they are tools, and are needed in order to build the Miner Mk.1, so if you deconstruct, you would need to craft it again at the bench to make a Miner Mk.1...
Are you suggesting that the portable miner should be a construction just like the other ones?
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