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Would be nice to be able to have some feature to add items to your compass (similar to the home icon) that allow you to find your way to previously found places.  So you don't lose that portable miner you placed somewhere, that one time.... and can't find now.
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something like the maps out of minecraft or ark could be fine, they show what areas youve explored and hide what you havent, at present I have a tough time finding new areas to explore.
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in the control settings is an option to open a minimap, so I think that a minimap is coming in the future
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I think a map would defeat half the purpose of the game. That's just my opinion
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I think this is done in the experimental branch, this topic should  be closed
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I'd really love to see the map as a handheld gadget, it would be so natural to integrate it with the locator device which has an aesthetic screen display. Just click to bring the map up for a close up view, click again to drop it back down to the neutral position for scanning for items.

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You need to do research for the ability to use minimap, for waypoints... you have Beacons
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There is a map. The Map allows the engineer to view areas of the world that they have explored. The Map is unlocked at Tier 4 Milestone: Explorer. and we have Beacons. Color code your beacons Vs. naming them. A lot less on screen.

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