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I've been building very high roads to go over mountain ranges and forests, and I stumbled into a poison zone. Location according to save game map tool:
  • X: 227039.953125
  • Y: -10595.607421875
  • Z: 29703.521484375
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I get the sense they use damage instead of invisible walls when you get "to far" away from the map. Did you take damage more rapidly, and in smaller chunks compared to ordinary visible poison fields? and was the poison truly invisible? if so, i think this is what you are encountering.
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More likely just to be a damage zone. I guess one way to find out is to put on a gas mask. If it is a poison zone I recommend filing a bug report.
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I also had a point that I was building a bridge and I was building to a crash site and I died above the crash site by poison gas without seeing the gas or seeing the plants nearby.
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I can confirm that this is an invisible gas cloud high in the air. The one I found is located between (209770, 457, 30098) and (224142, 391, 30098), close to OP's. Wearing a gas mask shows the filter being used up, and no damage being done. It also has a definitive shape - I placed marker walls to define the danger border.

I have a save with my pioneer standing in the cloud, if needed.
found more of the cloud  down south.  near 223000, 110000
I suspect there is a giant poison cloud hovering over the swamp
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