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A friend and i have been playing on my server together for the past month. For the last 2 days my friend has not been able to open up the building menu using "Q" or dissolve buildings using "F". I did some googling and found some solutions regarding network quality setting but this does not work for us. We both have it on ultra and it still does not work for us. My friend also ran far away from our base to see if the production is lagging him too much but he still can´t do anything basically.

Pls help.
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I have the same problem as stated above.

Buildmenu can not be opened.
I still have not found an answer to this problem anywhere

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Hi, please look in control settings and try to rebind these buttons, on top of this, turning off any overlays MIGHT help
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The problem is not that the buttons aren´t working. He can´t open any menus. I just used the building and dissolving menu as examples. It´s the same problem a lot of people seem to have and im just wondering if there is a known workaround or official fix for that. Thank you for your answer anyway.
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My friend had this issue too... both of you goto options and change network quality setting  from normal to ultra should "improve" this issue it won't completely get rid of it but it will lower the delay from minutes to seconds.
We did that. Sadly it did not change anything for us. It´s not like my friends menu pops up seconds or minutes later. It does not pop up at all.
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Just same problem I had. No matter how long we wait, My co-op members couldn't open any menu pops. When after lowering network quality, both of  players - I and friends changed it to Ultra, the problem resolved. I hope you can fix it.
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