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I'm currently playing in german so i dont know.
The dialog on the right, where you can plan your building's and stuff.
If you plan to build wire, the copper ore is in the wrong ratio, ist 1=1 not 3=1.

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Copper Wire is 1 Copper Ingot to produce 3 Copper Wire
Copper Ingot is 1 Copper Ore to produce 1 Copper Ingot.
Ratios are correct, cannot reproduce above user's problem.

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Because that number refers to how many times you can make the recipe, not how many outputted items from the recipe you're going to get. It works that way on every craftable recipe that outputs more than 1 of the same item upon completion.
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So then this is wrong right ?
Is a planning mode, if I want to bild 100 wire i will need 34 copper, no more or less.
I have never seen something like you mentioned, can you tell me an example?
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If you want to build 100 wire, you need to make 34 of the recipe, as each recipe will give you 3 wire. 100 recipes of wire will give you 300 wire, as each recipe will give you 3 wire for 1 copper ingot. The same applies to, for instance, biomass from wood, which requires 5 wood for 25 biomass. So you would only need 4  recipes to make 100 biomass, which would be 20 wood. If you were to put 100 recipes, you'd make 2500 biomass and it would require 500 wood. Do you understand? The number isn't how many items you're going to receive from making the recipe, it's just how many times you want to make the recipe. If it's a recipe that gives you multiples of the same item after completion, you need to do the math yourself. In this case you want 100 wire. One recipe for wire gives 3 wire for 1 ingot. 100/3=34(rounded up), so you need to make the recipe 34 times. 34x1=34 you'll need 34 ignots to make 34x3=102 wire. 34 is the number of times you'll make the recipe.
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I did unterstand you befor, just didnt now that its the same for biomass.
So it depenns on the developers on what ever this is a bug or a feature.
In my oppinion, I use the planning for how much I want not how much I want to click.
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