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Truck Station is just a fancy Storage Container, so my suggestion includes those too. I would like to set the containers output method to FIFO or LIFO. Also, include a buffer setting.

Current method is LIFO (last in first out), but it would be nice to use FIFO (first in first out). Also, setting a buffer size could be handy. You can either set the number of storage slots or a percentage. Currently, there is no buffering so if the output is greater than or equal to the input then it doesn't store anything. Setting the buffer would guarantee some inventory would be in the container until manually pulled out. But I don't think an all or nothing option would be good, hence the percentage or slots buffered suggestion.

I love that the MK2 storage has 2 outputs now and I think the default on truck stop should have at least 2 outputs. At current tech 50 slots of screws (500 stack) would take 56 minutes to unload.

PS - I know the LIFO/FIFO thing has been brought up, but I'm not sure about the storage buffering.
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How in detail would FIFO be different from current LIFO? And what benefit would it serve?

Seen the suggestion many times, but thus far, the benefit eludes me. Maybe there is some vital detail I am missing.

Edit: to clarify my question.

So, correct me if I am wrong. Current LIFO, last in, first out, means items essentially pass right through if input and output speed is the same. The storage does this by always trying to fill top left slot first, and draw from bottom right slot.

FIFO would differ in that it would still try to fill top left slot first, but instead, also draw from top left slot first.

Or, is there more to it?
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LIFO/FIFO is only significant if you are mixing different types of items in the one container or truck station. As has been discussed, this is a recipe for disaster given the current lack of control mechanisms, but it may become significant with later releases.

The 'Storage Buffering' idea has been mentioned a number of times. Ideally, we would be able to set a minimum and maximum storage level that conveyors cannot go beyond.
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Lol I suggested this and got like 30 negative votes in less than 5 hours :)   So I gave up and stopped using smart splitters, I was putting all the materials in 1 truck station from 1 factory bringing those over to another and then sorting it in that one but truck would make another run before the truck stop would empty which put the new crap infront of the stuff that was already in there causing stuff to jam up because it needed X to produce and Y would have room if only X would've made it through.  I did it this way to need only 1 truck stop and 1 truck as they tend to ram each other and go flying off in a random direction.  But after the severe down votes I just removed the trucks and the smart split and ran 10 stacked belts over the distance and put straight into the bins that sent them to the machines and now no more jam ups.
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Yes if you do belt in belt out it really doesn't matter but if you do TRUCK in TRUCK out it matters a lot as a truck will instantly take a 500 stack of wire but the truck stop removing it takes 5x as long as any other stack (aside from others above 100)
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Oh no, we just had that LIFO/FIFO discussion on another thread. I really just don't see any benefit to changing this. As was pointed out by a previous comment, "LIFO/FIFO is only significant if you are mixing different types of items in the one container or truck station". Also, the fact is that items are stacked. In other words, you would still get the same item type being pumped out for a while regardless of the container operating in LIFO or FIFO.

As far as creating a buffer goes, just put a splitter and a container next to the truck station, and send part of the input / output to that container. That part is a non issue because there are ways of achieving what you want without adding any new functionality to the game.

As far as adding outputs to the truck station... There's already 2 inputs and 1 output on that thing. I really don't see where those additional inputs and outputs would be added without making significant changes to the truck station. It's already quite big as it is. It's not comparable to the container MK2 since in that particular case, the inputs and outputs could be added without any significant change.
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Then remove the smart and programmable splitter because if your not mixing crap on a belt there is LITERALLY no use for it.
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What if you wanted " FILO or LILO" options as well?
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FILO is the same as LIFO, LILO is the same as FIFO.
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What if we got a more advanced version of storage behavior, where instead of just drawing /filling from specified sides/ends of inventory, storages would remember the age of each stack, and always draw from the oldest stack. Perhaps with the additional rule that a stack that is currently being drawn from, cannot be replenished from input.

Alternatively, a FIFO storage could shift its entire inventory to the left every time a slot is freed up. Same result. Maybe less complicated.

Both of these models would ensure item rotation in completely full storage containers/truck stops.
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Disagree 100% with you, Enalung, sorry. You're thinking too narrowly.

It's basically impossible right now to setup a programmable-splitter powered factory, because as soon as something like screws or wire starts piling into your buffer container, it completely dominates the output, since the current behavior is always last-in first-out.

And If you use splitters/mergers exclusively instead of buffering with containers, you quickly get into deadlock situations where the whole operation grinds to a halt. So, sorry, but that suggestion isn't workable.

My friend and I have been working on a programmable smart factory, and LIFO kills it.
I would personally love to see three settings on containers (even if it's a new "smart container"): Last-In-First-Out (current behavior), First-In-First-Out, and Round-Robin (send out one item off each stack, to ensure a truly interleaved output).
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I like this a lot
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