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I put under suggestion as oddly enough there was no category "question" in the ask a question section:

Any chance they will be on experimental branch sooner? I don't mind playing with bugs which is why experimental exists but right now it's behind the live version I loaded it hoping to test/play with the trains and tier 7 stuff but was disappointed by the fact it was actually behind the live one.

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It is dev planned that the End of June update will be released onto Experimental before Early Access, however we don't have an official date that will happen.
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Yeah I was afraid of that, I go on vacation in 2 weeks and was REALLY wanting to continue the progress right now I have so much crafted stuff that I'll blow through tier 7 & 8 minus the stuff I can't craft yet.
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The experimental version was published for testing the end of april update only - so far.

Maybe the devs are planning to do the same with the next big update. Maybe the next update will be published directly to the main version (without previous community testing). Maybe they'll have a totaly different approach.  We don't know and the devs don't know either right now. They even don't know if the end of june update will come at the end of june. So... we have to be patient.
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