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PvP...at this stage I really find it pointless, some people might find it fun and it would be if we had the choice of having seperate HUB’s and bases/teams, but that is another suggestion all together, I am hoping devs have added pvp in the hope of having different teams later. But at this stage the idea of being able to kill each other kind of seems counter productive if the whole idea of the game is to work together. Thoughts?
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I agree. I honestly don't think without seperate building, pvp should be an option at this point in the game. I think like other MMO's, if your able to set up teams and allies, that would make the game a bit more fun.
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Also agree.  TOTALLY off course with that idea. Optimize what we have.

If I wanted to kill people I would not be running a factory.
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They should just leave PvP out of this game it is a co-op factory building game (hence the 1 hub for all players)

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As someone who has done a lot of PvP in other games, I really don't think that what we've got in this games qualifies in any way, shape or form as being PvP. At best, the proper term is "friendly fire", or "friendly trolling" and I'm perfectly fine with that. I don't see any need to remove the option, or add more to it.
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The game is not suppose to be PVP at all! And there won't be any Stupid PVP !!

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Very useless answer, if there is no pvp then why did they allow players to kill each other? Make sense if that
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It's just not a PVP game. That's not the way the developers intend it, and it's not the way the majority of the community wants it. Wait for official mod support to bring different PVP modes in once multiplayer is less buggy.
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I think in modding this could be a thing, but I disagree that the vanilla game should be PVP. It's not meant to be PVP.
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