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Hi, our multiplayer game crashed last night. One of our players had hard drives both on his body and in a storage chest of his dead body that he was heading towards. The person hosting the server was not awake when it crashed so we didn't get on until today. When we logged in he was back in the hub with none of his inventory and his dead body's storage chest was also no longer there. Does this mean we've lost all of those hard drives? The pods no longer have them. The last save point we have prior to go back to is from early that morning, so we would lose a lot of progress we made if we went back. Do we have any other options?

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If it's just HDDs that you're missing, you could upload your save and I could just add the amount of HDDs you lost into the host's inventory. I could also look to see if the death crates are actually in your game or not. Without doing that, your only other option would be to load the closest autosave you have. As for the actual bug report, it seems reasonable that a multiplayer (buggy) crash would create this issue at the current stage of development.

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How many HDDs do you want in your inventory? I'll leave it up to you to set the number.
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I'm not getting a response from the guy who had them. I know he had at least four, but let's say six and then we can trash whatever extras we get.
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I took a look at your save file. I moved every crate that was in the game to your HUB, there were about a dozen. I looked through the crates and only found a handful of HDDs. I will link the save below, there is a tower of death crates behind your HUB. Look through them, take care of the mess, and if you still feel you're missing HDDs let me know and I'll add more into someone's inventory. I believe there are roughly a half dozen though in those crates, as well as a multitude of other items.

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Thanks, we tried it out a little bit ago and saw all the stuff there. Appreciate all your help!
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